Digital Lawyers File

The JORDAN & WAGNER Rechtsanwalts-GmbH ensures a particularly secure Digital Lawyers File. Already 1999/2000 Attorney Professor Helmuth Jordan led a fully Digital Lawyers File, which is based on a specific document management system. The Digital Lawyers Files are not connected to Internet computers, but be kept in a separate server circle.

The Digital Lawyers File will also protect against Cybercrime and in the interest of an ergonomic work and audit-proof archiving files on your own secure server networks separated by open communication computers that provide access to the global Internet, out. Such – also practiced in parts of the high-tech industry and police administration – security technology to ensure so far only a few law firms worldwide.

We discuss in each case with our client, what forms of communication are to be elected. Apart from a personal or telephonic established according to the state of the art communication channels are offered as well as e-mail, with and without cartographic encryption and qualified electronic signature, fax , mail, courier mail.

The partners of the firm have been working for years with issues of legally secure communication.

Attorney Professor Helmuth Jordan is a co-developer of computer software and research for over 20 years in the field of electronic communications and attorney docket.

Scientific and practical work in the field of IT and right also be eligible by the lawyers Wagner, Krahmer and Dr. Degen for years. Where is the guarantee of technically optimised and right secure electronic communication between entrepreneurs, as well as between parties, also at cross-border proceedings (international electronic legal and business transactions), in the foreground.