PhD students (m/f)

The Jordan & Wagner Law Firm , LLC with headquarters in Stuttgart district court is a modern law firm with a legal focus , especially in the national and international business law. Our clients are mainly companies from home and abroad and associations. The firm has constant cooperation with law firms in the U.S., Switzerland and Singapore.

The legal young is important to us . The Law Society of Tübingen and the Unibund we are connected .

We offer PhD students (m / f) promotion accompanying the entry into the legal profession particularly in the following areas of law :

• Trade / sales / e-commerce
• Companies / foundations
• International Contract Law / Policies
• Copyright protection / licenses
• IT / Social Media / work / reputation protection
• Architecture and Building / Renewable Energy

We require above average exam performance , interest in business and technical contexts , the willingness to specialize in the fields of activity , with individual wishes and experiences are taken into account , also , ideally, two foreign languages ​​, preferably English, French or Spanish, and possible international experience. We offer pleasant working conditions , intensive support and guidance with the opportunity to build a separate unit .

Please send your application , like e- mail , to:

Jordan & Wagner Attorneys mbH
Attorney Dr. Thomas A. Degen
Kernerstraße 28, 70182 Stuttgart
T 0711/255 404-60
F 07 11 / 255404-70
E thomas.degen @