IT / Internet / reputation protection

The legal advice in Ready IT is a main focus of our law firm practice dar. We advise companies, individuals, agencies and organizations in all legal matters for information technology law ( IT law ), such as smart factory and the increasing digitization of business processes and telecommunications networks.

In particular, civil law , distance selling legal media and copyright , trademark , domain and competition law and data protection issues are to be observed in practice.

We advise business owners and individuals with legal problems in the IT and online business , such as with computers or computer systems , sales contracts , work , service and warranty issues . One focus is the contract design and the design of online Conditions e-commerce dar. But even with contract disputes such as relating to provider contracts ( access provider , host, service , content and internet service providers ) as well as legal problems in e-commerce (eg, domain , name , trademark disputes) and in online auctions such as ” eBay ” with dialer e -mail and spam problems we can help further .

We advise providers of Telemedia in data protection issues and with respect to trademarks, domain and competition law requirements. Our advice includes, among other things, the assessment of the legal admissibility of media content as well as the analysis and solution of liability issues in media content and hyperlinks as well as the national and international domain law. With regard to warnings we pursue special prosecutor strategies for out- of-court settlements .

Another focus is the activity in protecting its reputation dar. This involves the evaluation of opinions and assertions of fact in particular in the public, review sites , social networks , businesses and many others as well as securing the constitutionally guaranteed general ( Entrepreneur ) personality rights and the right of the established and practiced Gewerbe-/Praxisbetriebs .