Trade / Distribution

One focus of our work in counseling and litigation practice extends to all aspects of trading and sales. As for our clients is for us the view of the ” bigger picture ” of course , so that our advice and litigation covering the national or international trade and distribution of us .

Security in the distribution and sales

■ Right Safe designed distribution channels and sales contracts are not only prerequisites for a sustainable success concept. Contracting parties recognize the preventive aspect avoid dispute at the same time as a quality feature .

■ We will support you in the selection and construction of for you right distribution form ( direct sales, sales representatives , distributors , or foreign sales subsidiary ) as well as in the current fiscal ( contract management , termination, compensation claim , and the like ) .

■ We support you in all aspects of business: contract design including your terms and conditions , quality assurance , product liability and sales training are just some of the many facets of legal sales support.

■ On all these issues , we bring our years of experience .