Client Area

The lawyer’s duty of confidentiality natural commitment for us. As absolutely protected security clearance we are committed to the highest level of data protection and data security. All cared for our clients confidential client files are on separate servers that are not connected to the Internet, out.

For the immediate communication with our clients, we offer conventional and the latest communication technologies, encryption method and the use of qualified electronic signatures.

When advertised by us legal advice is a commercial offer. We clarify our clients early on about possible costs and litigation risks . Our clients have We always work from the beginning of planning security , on an hourly fee basis (payment arrangement within the meaning of § 4 RVG).

A complaint made to us by e -mail with the request that we should be active is an application whose explicit assumption we reserve . A legal advisory contract is therefore concluded only with receipt of our acceptance with our clients and by appointment of the individual mandate and payment arrangement. We point out that we demand an advance payment under certain circumstances , and that the fee claim is possible with the first intervention. Lawyer bills we ask to pay by bank transfer.

If necessary, we provide our clients for special consulting services our partners  lawyers, accountants, notaries, accountants, experts, security experts.